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In 2011 when HorizonCD was born, "Equipment Operation" was not considered as an "Industry" in China. As a result of rapid progression in national economic construction and gradual refining of social division of labor, equipment rental demand sows seeds in coastal developed regions of China. As the earliest "Pioneer" in Shanghai, HorizonCD has the fortune to witness the young industry's development in size and strength in the past decades.

Throughout the eventful years and along the painstaking road, HorizonCD has transformed from a pioneer in the equipment rental industry of China to a first mover of equipment operation industry and from a chaser of international advanced equipment operation industry to a leader of the new times of digital equipment operation. Always down-to-earth and devoting selfless, HorizonCD makes innovations and seeks for changes and excellence. It has participated in many national, provincial and municipal key projects related to national economy and the people's livelihood, and served as an important link in the national emergency guarantee system. Whether in the construction of Xiong'an New District or the GBA strategy, the Beijing 2018 attracting worldwide attention or the National "Belt and Road" strategy for overseas extension, HorizonCD has been adhered to the tenet of "assisting China in construction, and growing in harmony", and devoted to the more safe and efficient production and operation of customers.

From a few containers by the lakeside of Dingshan Lake to service outlets in hundreds of cities in China now, from a team with tens of members who are brave to explore and work hardly to professional service workforces of thousands of employees, HorizonCD has set up and forged an aggressive and capable professional technical service team along with the high-speed development of economy and infrastructure in China, built and practiced amazing technical strength in R&D and co-reinforced its "Backbone" as the leader of equipment operation service industry in China. The core values of this talent team, i.e., "Customer first, Thrifty &Perseverance, Cooperation for Win-win", have been motivated many generations of HorizonCD employees to forge ahead and stand on the tide.

At the new starting point, we start a new journey with new goals and missions. The growth and transformation of HorizonCD can't be separated from the timely and strong support from all walks of life. In the future, HorizonCD will continuously advance the digital reform of itself and the industry, thoroughly implement the new national development philosophy, earnestly practice the strategic positioning as a national player in equipment operation industry of China and a leader of equipment operation service industry, and firmly move toward the goal of first-rate player in the industry. It will insist on building the core competition strengths on the way of enlargement and performance improvement to realize high-quality development and become a top service provider leading in the full industry chain.

All ships compete on the river, and we brave the wind and the waves to sail away. HorizonCD is willing to cooperate with you for your visions and a better future!

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