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Improving competitiveness through technological innovation and leading technological innovation in the industry
  • Patented Technologies

  • Enterprise Qualifications

  • Tech Awards

Patented Technologies

With a total of nearly 180 granted patents, nearly20 invention patents, 160 utility model patents and over 60 software copyrights
  • Steel Strut Axial Force Compensation System

    The system has 7 invention patents and can extend trouble-free operation and reduce working hours.

  • Steel Strut Axial Force Multi-point Synchronous System

    The system has 2 invention patents and can realize the large-span and multi-angle steel strut construction with high stability and high installation accuracy.

  • Large-span Steel Strut Technology

    The technology has 5 patents and can reduce costs, shorten construction time and increase excavation space.

  • Joist System for Supporting Frame

    The system has 3 invention patents, can use both φ48 and φ60 disk lock scaffolds, is convenient to set up and can reduce materials used.

  • Intelligent Management System for Aerial Work Equipment

    The system has 1 invention patent and allows real-time monitoring of equipment status and efficient management of the entire equipment lifecycle.

  • Safety Protection and Intelligent Alarm Technology for Aerial Work Equipment

    The technology has 2 patents, can reduce failure rates and downtime, and can protect against overloading.

Enterprise Qualifications

Professional Contractor in Foundation and Foundation Engineering Works (2012)

Professional Contractor for Formwork and Scaffold Works (2014)

National Brand Enterprise Specializing in Bailey Trestle in the Construction Materials Rental and Contracting Industry (2019)

Authorized by the International Powered Access Federation(IPAF) as an Aerial Work Platform Training Center (2019)

National Top Enterprise in the Formwork and Scaffolding Rental and Contracting Industry (2018)

Recognized as a Brand Enterprise Specializing in Disk Lock Scaffold” by China Construction Materials Rental Contractor Association (2018)

Tech Awards

Key technology research and application of the intelligent control system for steel strut axial force won “China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award” (2017)

Gold Award at the 2nd National Wenma Cup Lock Scaffolding Setting-up Skill Competition (2016)

Key technology and application of steel strut axial force monitoring and intelligent compensation equipment won the Third Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award (2016)

Service Guarantee

Providing 24/7 service in no time

Safety Guarantee

By achieving synergy among various product lines and service categories, we offer an all-round service portfolio covering rental services, engineering and technical services, platforms, and other services (including subleasing of equipment materials, and sales of equipment, materials, and spare parts) to comprehensively enhance our market competitiveness.

  • Safety Philosophies

    We aim to ensure zero accident and zero injury, and put safety as our core competitiveness.

  • Safety Action

    We have top-down safety leadership and ensure full participation in team safety construction.

  • Equipment Safety

    We have strategic equipment supply from brand manufacturers to ensure complete and effective safety equipment.

  • Personnel Safety

    We provide systematic safety training to ensure that each staff has required certificates.

  • Customer Safety

    We provide safety guidance service and professional technical support for our customers.

  • Environment Protection

    We promote and apply environmentally friendly construction techniques and products in line with the concept of green development.

Service Outlets

CDHorizon has set up 4 major operating bases in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, and set up outlets in key regions across China to form a nationwide operation and service network.

  • A Nationwide Business Operation Network

    We have service outlets and business teams across China to ensure the whole process of information management, thus achieving efficient operation and maximizing the value.

  • A Nationwide Customer Service Network

    We provide 24/7 phone repair service and our service vehicles are always on standby. Therefore, we are able to rapidly respond to customer needs around the clock and solve customers’ issues at the first time.

  • A Nationwide Spare Parts Supply Network

    The supply of tens of thousands of spare parts is available at all times to ensure efficient operation of equipment.

  • A Nationwide Logistics Transportation Network

    We cooperate with A-class logistics service organization all over China, and efficiently arrange logistics transport vehicles and engineering service vehicles to the site, so as to provide qualified services for customers.

Jiading District in Shanghai
Nansha District in Guangzhou
Jinshan District in Shanghai
Wuqing District in Tianjin

International Market

In the new era, CDHORIZON will take Singapore and Malaysia as the center of its business, develop business exchanges and cooperation with Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, China. The business scope includes sales of new machines and accessories, trading of second-hand equipment, equipment leasing, procurement services and so on. CDHORIZON will set up branch offices in relevant countries step by step, gradually explore localized operation, and lay the foundation for the next step of exploring overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions.

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