Introduction to solutions

CDHORIZON Road Engineering is committed to providing water-stabilized asphalt pavement construction and milling and cleaning services for all levels of highways, municipal roads, large field park roads. With professional construction management ability, standardized construction operation ability and strong capital performance ability, we provide quality delivery for customers.

Our road projects are mainly operated in Central China, East China and South China, focusing on Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, and providing pavement professional engineering services for central enterprises' general contracting clients nationwide.

Application Scenarios

值得信赖的道路设备运营服务商,面向各类高等级公路、机场跑道、试车场道、市政道路等路面施工及养护工程, 为路面施工提供全面服务。

  • National and Provincial Roads

  • Municipal Roads

  • Bridges and Tunnels

  • Industrial Parks

  • Airport Runways

  • Expressways

Core Advantages

  • Professional project teams

    With practical experiences in over 4,000 domestic and international projects, a comprehensive construction talent management system and a technical assessment system, we have developed many outstanding professional project teams.

  • High-quality construction

    Full-cycle project management ensures construction quality in all aspects and construction processes with a “craftsmanship spirit”, allowing for high-quality delivery.

  • Complete equipment

    Possessing a large fleet and a full range of equipment, a comprehensive logistics support system, and providing one-stop professional services such as equipment maintenance and spare parts sales.

  • Solid safety guarantee

    Strictly adhering to safety standards, the HSE Department regularly supervise and inspect equipment to prevent various accidents, contributing to the building of a strong safety line for on-site construction.

  • Rapid emergency response

    Adhering to the customer-first principle, we provide prompt responses through nearby service outlets and a well-established emergency handling mechanism.

Benchmark Case

Hubei Ezhou Civil Airport Airfield Runway Project

4E-class   international airport cargo and passenger transfer routes

Digital   construction for road pavement

Application   of the new version of the BIM digital construction system

Data of   the wide pavement in the digital system shows that:

All   construction indicators meet the standards

Smoothness   and compaction meet the standards

Measurement   accuracy is ensured

Jiangsu Yancheng Xiangshui Stainless Steel Trading Market Construction Project

The   largest stainless steel trading distribution center in the northern Jiangsu   region

A total of   6 construction sections within the industrial park and surrounding roads

The widest   22-meter pavement adopts three-machine simultaneous paving construction

The   narrowest 14-meter pavement adopts two-machine simultaneous paving   construction

Cement   stabilized base using over 70,000 tons of cement completed within half a   month

The   asphalt layer using over 30,000 tons of asphalt completed within half a month

Smart Freeway of Shaoxing Yuedong Road and South Extension

Zhejiang   Shaoxing Yuedong Road and South Extension Smart Expressway Project

Yuedong   Road is the first north-south expressway in Yuecheng District

Municipal   highway engineering elevated bridge deck and ground pavement construction

The   project is large in scale, with a tight schedule, high volume, and a   highly-configured project team

A large   team for fast response to needs of construction services and construction   technology

Completed   within 6 months, earning customer praise

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