Introduction to Solutions

CDHORIZON aerial work platform, with product lines covering aerial work lifts, towable boom lifts, telehandler reach forklifts, glass attachment boom lifts and other equipment, has formed strategic cooperation with top brands at home and abroad, such as XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment, Zoomlion, Lingong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (LGMG), Zhejiang Dingli, JLG, German TEUPEN and Japanese AIRMAN. CDHORIZON has also launched in-depth cooperation with the above-mentioned companies, participating in the joint R&D, repair and maintenance of equipment based on different operating scenarios, and has become the designated sales, repair and after-sales agency for many of the above manufacturers. Currently, CDHORIZON has become a main channel connecting equipment manufacturers and end users, and began to build a device layout for the entire product line and all scenarios.

Application Scenarios


  • Plant Construction

  • Building Construction Projects

  • Municipal Projects

  • Cultural Operation and Construction

Core Advantages

  • Full series of equipment in multiple specifications and large fleets

    Industry-leading equipment holdings to satisfy scenarios with operational heights ranging from 4 meters to 68 meters; complete product lines with strategic cooperation with top brands at home and abroad

  • Service network with wide coverage, complete products and digital operation

    Nationwide business network, customer service network, logistics and transportation network, and multi-product line and digital operation system

  • Fast response, high efficiency, one-stop service guarantee

    1) Rapid response to demand in 15 minutes
    2) Dispatcher man-machine ratio 1:5100
    3) Average equipment delivery radius less than 36 km
    4) Fast service standards of waiting for services within 1.5 hours

Equipment Showcase

Xiong’an High-speed Railway

With a gross floor area equivalent to 66 football fields and a hyperbolic type top beam, the project is characterized by complicated installation of electromechanical pipelines. Steel structure installation, mechanical and electrical installation and painting procedures were performed in a staggered manner, with huge project quantity. Our aerial work trucks arrived and departed in timely manner, thus ensuring the smooth completion of the project.

The Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals in Wuhan

When Wuhan was under lockdown after the outbreak of the pandemic, we walked to the hospitals to fully meet equipment needs, and provided voluntary training in operation techniques, contributing to the control of the pandemic.

National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)

A national-level benchmark for smart green buildings

Three-star green building design logo

Maximum load, 30m long electric arm aerial work platforms

Energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection, significantly improving construction efficiency.

Equipment Showcase

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