Introduction to solutions

CDHORIZON Power Generation Equipment, mainly for factory construction, large exhibitions, advertising activities, marine engineering, urban construction, field engineering, mining and other fields, provides internationally renowned brands of power equipment rental, products include generator sets, cables, distribution cabinets, load boxes, transformers, UPS uninterruptible power supply and other power equipment. Our professional technical team provides high-quality, one-stop and diversified electric power design solutions and overall operation services for power transmission and distribution according to customers' needs, such as site survey, program development, system design, equipment operation and management, equipment maintenance and spare parts supply, etc., to continuously ensure the normal operation of the electric power system.

Application Scenarios

值得信赖的道路设备运营服务商,面向各类高等级公路、机场跑道、试车场道、市政道路等路面施工及养护工程, 为路面施工提供全面服务。

  • Offshore Engineering Equipment Manufacturing

  • Drilling Platforms

  • Event Industry

  • Urban Power Supply

  • Data Centers

  • New Energy Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Infrastructure Construction

Core Advantages

  • Equipment of high power, low fuel consumption, and low noise

  • Efficient and professional construction team providing excellent services

  • Service philosophy valuing quality assurance and ultimate power, and putting customers first

Equipment Showcase

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